Bread-Time Stories is the time reserved to exchange home-made bread with personal stories from random people (who magically are always the right ones).

The bread is made of a natural sourdough composed of water, organic flour, air, water, and a tear of honey.

This special yeast, before being used for Bread Time Stories, had been traveling for several countries in Europe, as a part of another project called Pastamadre (Mother Pasta), started in March 2010 in the South of Italy.

Since then, the sourdough has been refreshed by mixing the original with the local ingredients (organic flour, and local air and water). So that now its taste carries a special flouver and a symbolic value given by the combination of the different elements and cultures and by the random acts of trust necessary for the project to be alive.

Inspired by the idea, or just met randomly during the journey, people from all over the world are opening their kitchen, offering their couch, sharing their oven to make the bread happen.

Feed by these gifts, the bread is brought into the roads and the squares of cities around the world.
Here, it waits for a random act of trust: the will of people to share their memories, their personal stories or the ones of their oral tradition.

People who decide to participate, do it because of an inner motivation. They read a sign and they chose to believe in the project telling their story. No preparation is required. The act is random, voluntary, and based on the idea of gift (you take what it is given to you, giving back whatever personal story you decide).

Bread-Time.Stories documents the journey made by the bread. It shows the magic that happens when people decide to trust each other and to give. It tells about the time in which valuable things, such as home-made bread and personal stories orally narrated, are exchanged and from this mutual gifts new connections are created. It exhibits a collection of episodes, fears, joys, habits, and traditions that has got the invaluable smell of everyday mystery and beauty. Like bread.